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Christmas Farm melons!

We are all busy in the gardens clearing away the summer crops, mulching out beds and tidying up poly tunnels. We have lots and lots of fabulous greens and roots in the ground and the taste of these is amazing but the one thing that has been out of this world are the melons that […]

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Menu ideas for the week

I’m writing this snacking on a slice of homemade bread with homemade hummus and thick slices of the most fabulous Christmas farm tomatoes. Lunch just doesn’t get much better than this. And all the ingredients are available in the extras or the farm shop. Y’all know I’m a lazy cook so all these things are […]

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There is a definite change in the light this week

There is a definite change in the light this week. It’s dark by 9pm and the misty mornings have a feel of autumn about them. The temperature for September so far has been fabulous but the air does smell and feel like the year is turning. I’m really enjoying this weather, hot a bright during […]

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We need more sunshine…

You may not be having the best summer holiday weather but spare a thought for the growers. There is a desperate lack of sunshine, such poor light and warm damp conditions. Perfect for bugs, beasties, moulds and rusts.  There is some better or more seasonal weather forecast for next week so fingers crossed.Menu ideas for […]

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Fingers crossed for an up turn in the weather

Hi everyone, it seems to be weeks now that we haven’t had any sun. The temperatures aren’t too bad but the sun has evaded us. We need the sun to ripen all the lovely fruits and vegetables we have growing here. So everyone is feeling a little down hearted. Fingers crossed for an up turn […]

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I’ve been craving a curry…

I’ve been craving a curry so I’m making a one with the chops in this weeks box. You can take the meat off the bone but I don’t. I rub the chops with cumin, ginger,  chilli and garam masala and a little olive oil. Leave them in the fridge for a few hours then grill […]

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