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Seedlings 3

The whole summer is ahead of us…

It’s so easy to get over enthusiastic at this time of year in the garden. I/we really have to hold back and not rush to plant young plants and seedlings out. We have had few hard frosts in the early mornings and that’s deadly to young tender shoots. We have, however, had meals outside in […]

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little by little…..

I always think I’ve got more time. Why is it?, the days are getting longer but I’m still running out of time to do everything I want to do in the day. I’m on a mission to get more organised because if I’ve made or at least prepped the evening meal in the morning I […]

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Who said it was quiet in the country side..!!

I’m sitting in the studio writing this. It’s the only quiet place on the farm at the moment. Quite literally everything is going on. Sheds are being mucked out, chickens are cackling, lambs and calves blaring, pigs grunting, the wind is cold and whistly, forks, spades and rakes are ridging up earth and I swear […]

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Joe planting Pots

Bursting !!!

Bursting, that’s what I thought as I worked in the garden this week. And not my belt, thankfully! The farm felt still, with no wind, except for the birds “bursting” into their individual songs and the buds on some of the shrubs “bursting” out and seedlings both in the potting shed, poly tunnel and earth […]

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