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Having our own butchery and butcher on site means we can choose the best cuts for our customers who chose our organic meat box scheme.

If a neck of lamb is a bit small to make chops, Lee, Christmas Farm’s resident butcher will cut it as a whole piece, that will make a really nice slow cook for one lucky customer. Or pork chops want a nice layer of fat, so they cook well in a pan. But if there’s a really thick layer of fat on that joint of pork, then chops might not be the right cut and we’ll turn it into bacon.

It’s the same for all the organic meat we produce on the farm, from our Dexter beef, to our lamb, mutton, pork, and poultry. We farm rare breeds and they don’t grow to a set format. So, by butchering it ourselves, we control the cuts and give our customers the best from that animal. You support rare breeds by eating this way.

Customers for our organic meat boxes will get cuts you might not see in the supermarket, but we’ll always make sure they are good ones. Everyone will get something like a piece of shin, which is great for slow cooking, as well as the premium cuts like steak and chops.

If you never eat beef or pork, we can offer an alternative in your organic meat box. And we know some people just like a nice roasting joint. What you won’t get is chicken breasts and mince every week.

Eating organic from nose to tail

We take great pride in using the whole of an animal. A big part of our ethos as an organic farm is to give all our livestock a good life, rearing it in a natural environment, making sure it has good food, shelter and can do what it would do naturally. We put a lot of time and effort into doing that. So it only feels right that we respect that when we eat it and make the best use of it that we can.

It’s a nose to tail concept and we try to make sure everyone has a bit of everything over the course of the year, but you can say no to noses and tails.

Being close to our customers means we know there are some people who just don’t want offal and that’s okay. Equally we know that some of our customers love liver or want to try something they haven’t had before. Being an organic meat box scheme customer means you can do that up to your own level.

Eating with the seasons with your organic meat box

We try to mark the seasons with our organic meat boxes. During the summer, we’ll select things that are easy to barbecue, and when everyone’s going back to school after the holidays, we’ll focus on things that are quick and easy to cook. And of course, we can deliver everything for a fabulous Christmas feast – goose, turkey and beef with all the vegetables and trimmings. Even Beth’s home-made mince pies.

We try and make everything that goes into the boxes interesting and usable. So if you’re getting beef in the box for a month, then it won’t all be the same cut and there will be lots of ways to use it. We always supply recipes and ideas on our website and through our organic box scheme newsletter.

The meat in our organic box scheme doesn’t look the same as supermarket meat. That’s because it’s come from rare breed animals, that have been reared organically and because often it’s hung for much longer, as well as being butchered here on the farm. All of that helps develop a better quality and taste.

Because we’re an organic producer, everything has to work together. So that lovely pork chop that’s in your box, is there because it’s been a good year for the pig – it’s been well fed, it’s been happy rooting around in the soil, kept nice and warm and run around a lot.

Learn butchery skills at one of our workshops

Want to know how to joint a chicken to make it go further? Want to learn how to butcher a pig or a lamb or a joint of beef? We can help you learn about the different cuts  you can enjoy and show you how to bone, carve, dice and trim to get the best from your organic meat box.

Come to our general butchery workshop at Christmas Farm

  • Learn knife skills
  • Get hands on learning how to butcher a pig or a lamb
  • Make your own sausages and bacon

Includes: all equipment and tuition, breakfast and coffee, three course lunch, and a box of organic meat you’ve prepared to take home.

All for just £95!

Visit the events page for details of the next workshop and to book your place.