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Border 2

Welcoming lots of visitors

It’s been a mixed week of weather and jobs. We’re working towards up coming events. It will be lovely to welcome the U3A here again after their visit many years ago, I wonder if they will see all the changes we have made, and next weeks flowers from the garden workshop to organise too. Not […]

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I’m eating outside, what are you doing?

At last the weather feels like it might be picking up. Today the cold wind has abated and the sun is shining….. Our fingers are crossed for grass growth racing ahead for the cows and sheep and heat in the ground for the veggies. This sunshine should ripen the soft fruit too. So we’re all […]

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lamb stew 2

Beth’s Blog – Lamb at last….

It’s June and the weather is against us. We really haven’t had any consistent warm weather. We’ve had rain, hail, wind and cold. Everything, including all of the team here, is desperate for the weather to improve. When you work outside you really notice the weather and this has been the worst spring we have […]

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Seedlings 3

The whole summer is ahead of us…

It’s so easy to get over enthusiastic at this time of year in the garden. I/we really have to hold back and not rush to plant young plants and seedlings out. We have had few hard frosts in the early mornings and that’s deadly to young tender shoots. We have, however, had meals outside in […]

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little by little…..

I always think I’ve got more time. Why is it?, the days are getting longer but I’m still running out of time to do everything I want to do in the day. I’m on a mission to get more organised because if I’ve made or at least prepped the evening meal in the morning I […]

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