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what’s keeping me going? Why Christmas of course!

The weather has been absolutely foul, what’s keeping me going? Why Christmas of course!

It’s tidy the house mode. When it’s too wet to be outside and to be honest some of the beds are too wet to go onto and the mud would be just too depressing I go indoors and start “the big clean”. I started this when the kids were little and the house was usually upside down and we used to have lots of guests for Christmas lunch so the place just had to be clean and tidy,  now it’s just part of my preparations. Muck out a few cupboards and touch up some paint work. Making the place look good, this also helps for when the decorations come down the place doesn’t look quite so dowdy once the sparkles have been put away for another year.

This said I’m in full list making mode too. If you try to remember it’s more than just 1 big day. You’ll need meals for several days and breakfast stuff too. Big plug,  but why not order a bacon and sausage box for the freezer from us then you’ll be ready for brunches and breakfasts. You won’t go back to store bought bacon and sausages again, all made from our rare bread organic pork! ……. It’s amazing, tasty and delicious.

A 4 kg mince box too. I’m making lasagna, mince pie and cottage pies for my freezer, just ready and waiting so I can enjoy the break too.

It’s a tradition in this house to have meatballs (our polpettone) in a rich tomato sauce with spaghetti for Christmas Eve and Lee makes that so I’m off the hook to do any last minute wrapping or just relax in the bath.It’s colds and flu season too so remember to up the veg and get sometime outside in the fresh air. We’re eating lots of soups and masses of greens.Here’s the menu ideas for this week.Pulled pork, from the pork shoulder joint. Give it plenty of time in the oven or slow cooker and add herbs, spices and a little brown sugar if you like. The BBC have a great recipe.

Serve it with a carrot, beetroot and orange slaw and salad. Make plenty for 2 nights.

Herby bread buns fresh from the oven full of slaw and juicy pulled pork. What could be better on a cold, wet night.Cottage pie with celeriac and potato mash toppingRoot veg soup with a good bone broth stock.Little apple turnoversQuick pastry less quiche for lunches with hot soup.Enjoy and get in touch with your menus for the week.

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