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Super tasty and hearty one pot dinners every night for us.

With the weather getting colder but we’re still very busy with everything we need to get done for the Christmas season, it’s super tasty and hearty one pot dinners every night for us.

If you find it hard to think up new, healthy, tasty meals just don’t. Stick to the things you like to cook and you know everyone will eat. I normally stick within my regular repertoire.

We have a homemade curry every week. We all love spicy food so I make a curry and serve it with rice or flatbreads or sometimes onion bhajis. I freeze leftovers then I have some “ready meals” in the freezer.

We also have soup a few times a week, either as a main meal with stir fried greens, sausages or bread or soup for lunch in a mug. We will have a chilli or that type of one pot with beans and veg in it and a casserole or goulash. I’m making these dishes with what I have in the store cupboard and in the box so they are never exactly the same.So for this weeks menu ideas; Beef goulash. Serve it with lots of steamed greens and rice too if you like.Bolognaise with a celeriac and squash mash topping with cheese instead of pasta. It’s a lovely change and a great way of eating more healthy veg. Remember to drain the celeriac well before you mash it you don’t want wet mash. I add a ground white pepper and nutmeg to the mash with a good knob of butter too.Onion tarte tatin with a grated carrot and grapefruit salad. This make a really good cold lunch the next dayCarrot and squash soup with salty rosemary bread buns.Giant Yorkshire puddings with leftover bolognaiseSlow cooker beef curry. This is a BBC recipe but I add a lot of chopped veg into mine too.Apple upside down cakeHave a great week and enjoy your cooking.

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