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Hello everyone, I’m writing this looking out of the window to dark grey skies. The weather is cold and wet. So instead of thinking of salads and eating outside watching the sun go down at the end of the day, I’m thinking of comfort food, warm and satisfying.

So rhubarb crumble instead of fool and beef stroganoff with onion mash instead of stir fry.

I missed the opportunity to cut the paths and some of the lawns so now I’m getting soaked when I walk the dogs in the morning. The forecast looks to change by the end of the week but all of us here are ready for some warmer temperatures even if Lee is happy about the rain to water the grass for the livestock. I need the warmer weather to make it easier to bend, weed and plant. You definitely move better in the warm with the sun shining.

We are still pushing ahead with the new road and some concreting. We really hope once it’s finished you’ll have the opportunity to visit the shop. Come now if you don’t mind a bumpy road.

Menu ideas to utilise your box this week.

Roasted red pepper pasta sauce.
Using onions, carrots, peppers and sprinkled with fresh chives.

Beef Stroganoff.
Using the stir fry strips. These would make a good beef curry too or beef fajitas.

Kale pesto with fresh homemade pasta

Burgers, salad and homemade fries

Rhubarb crumble or fool
( the crumble will freeze but the fool won’t)

Banana pancakes.
Perfect for breakfast or snacks

If you have any family favourite recipes you’d like to share please send them to me, with pictures if you have them. Either tag Christmas Farm via social media or send me an email.

Or if you’re looking for inspiration for what to cook with the contents of your box delivery please do get in touch or put it up on our social media pages.

Following on from Lee’s blog, we’ve been doing this a long time and we’ve always made it a priority to grow and produce great quality, organic food. We got into this because of our love of food, sustainable farming and wanting to make a difference to our family and local community.

We feel it’s important to deliver directly to our customers and to have a direct relationship with the people that eat what we produce. Your support and custom is more important than ever and we really do appreciate it. We love growing and producing great organic food for you all…..

Please enjoy your delivery from us and share any of your ideas you have.

Thank you for your support

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