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Preserved Lemons

I always like to have some preserved lemons in my store cupboard as they are so useful in so many dishes. Great for stews, soups, livening up a salad or zinging up rice or couscous! Fabulous for Moroccan style lamb dishes.
They are very simple to make but you need to store them for at least a month before you use them. To use them simply take out a wedge, rinse off any excess salt and chop into the dish. For stews etc. add the chopped preserved lemon half an hour before the end of the cooking time.

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Spiced Winter Carrot Dip

This dip is great for cold nights and is the perfect alternative to the shop bought unhealthy stuff. Serve with thin, toasted crusty bread, homemade chips, cheese on toast, poached eggs or as a side dish with roast meat. The list is endless!
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Lamb Curry

This tasty lamb curry is simple to make and you can leave it simmering away in the slow cooker (just make sure it doesn't dry out!). I often make this the day before and add a bag of spinach leaves as I heat it up. Serve with rice or flat breads.
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