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Another busy week

It’s been yet another full week here at Christmas Farm. Our annual Food Standards inspection was successfully completed, and we’ve also put in a new fence to separate off what will be a plantation area (once we’ve planted more trees!). This will be a great wind break but also provide more shelter for the animals too.

The hard standing area is also nearly complete and ready to start building the saw-mill and wood workshop, which will allow us to produce our own fence posts and rails plus more building materials.

Weeding, sowing and planting has commenced in earnest in the vegetable garden too. You can see the start of new growth on many of the perennials. We’re looking forward to a long and healthy growing season!

There are only 2 cows left to calve and we’ve had only bulls calves so far. The ewes are looking fit to burst but still no lambs yet. With this recent snap of wintry weather I am quite pleased to be honest.

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