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Eat Your Greens

We have lots of different greens growing on the farm and going in the boxes each week. Here are some ideas to help you get the best from them or even just identify what they might be to start with πŸ™‚


Above from left Mustard leaf, rocket and kale. All good raw in salads when young or stir fries, curry and soups when more mature with thicker stems.

Rainbow chard – As a salad leaf if young and tender, when mature better lightly steamed or added to chickpea or squash curry


Chives are lovely just chopped into salads, over potatoes or roast veggies and blitzed with most soup.


kaleCurly Kale – as a winter green this cannot be beaten, it seams to love our wet winters and heavy soil so its a stalwart in the boxes over winter. Roasted with plenty of oil and salt, sliced and stir fried shredded in to slow cooked curry or casserole or steamed its fairly resilient to cooking and mostly keeps a nice firm texture.

A bouquet of purple sprouting broccoli! This is like the asparagus of the north, it takes full year to grow and has a very short season in the spring of the following year from planting. The leaves, stem and florets are all delicious lightly steamed and dipped into your egg yolks or on the side of a nice steak for a fancy supper!

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