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Lots of lovely leftovers

We are all still stuffed from our Christmas feasting and have lots of food still to use up – some cooked veg, meat and little bits of cheese. I’m sure you’re all in the same boat, so here are some menu ideas for this week’s box delivery, hopefully using up some leftovers too.

A big frittata (use up pieces of cheese grated up). This is great cold or warmed up and very handy to have in the fridge for the transient of the household.

Christmas Farm organic vegetable boxBeetroot tart tatin (I know I bang on about tatin, but I promise it is well worth having this, plus all the variations in your recipe book). Parsnip, onions, leeks etc all make excellent variations of this.

Parboil any hard root veggies if you haven’t time to roast them in the tatin dish until tender. A beetroot tatin with a little hard cheese grated over it,  makes a jewel-like New Year’s Eve supper dish.

Then how about a butternut, sage and turkey or goose curry? Use coconut milk to make it rich and creamy and lentils if you need the dish to feed a lot of mouths. The stock from the Christmas bird will make this curry fabulous even if you have no meat left.

Turkey and leek pie   What’s not to like? Mine will have some of the left over ham in it too. Serve it warm with root veg, garlicky mash. Or just bubble and squeak with left over sprouts. Delicious!

Then a roast veg soup. You really don’t want any leftover or other greens in this. Save them for a crispy sautéed garnish to serve. A thick, tasty veg soup makes a perfect lunch after a late night or a cold “blowing the excesses off” walk.

Wishing everyone a safe, peaceful and Happy New Year.

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