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The Family


Beth is Christmas Farm’s head gardener, farm worker, cook and reluctant cleaner. She can’t imagine living anywhere else. With children, Billy and George, and husband Lee – it’s home.

Her favourite animal changes everyday. Naughty hens getting into the garden or cows grazing her cabbages will go into the bad books. But not for long!

Her favourite event so far has been the farm Olympics which was full of silly games like welly wanging and pin the tail on the cow.

It was Beth’s idea to call her home Christmas farm, because she loves Christmas so much. So it’s no surprise that her favourite meal is Christmas dinner. Although she admits she loves the fact that she gets three days off cooking afterwards as the family tuck into all the leftovers!

When she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll most likely find Beth in the potting shed which Lee built for her. She particularly like to see it all decorated after her Christmas wreath-making workshops.


Lee is farmer, butcher, handyman and mess maker at Christmas Farm. He also manages the office, but much prefers to be out in the fields and looking after the livestock.

The animals are Lee’s favourite things about the farm, and he’s especially fond of Dottie the collie dog.

Working on the farm, in the butchery and doing the organic box deliveries doesn’t give Lee much time for any hobbies. But he enjoys welcoming people for wild camping and other events. He really enjoys the game and shooting day where customers can learn about cooking wild game, and have a go at clay pigeon shooting.

Lee’s favourite place on the farm is his bed at bedtime!


Billy enjoys living on Christmas Farm because it means he’s always in touch with nature. He likes being outdoors in the rural landscape and loves wild camping which for him, means cooking on the fire and sleeping outside.

When he’s not doing odd jobs and helping out on the farm, Billy likes playing rugby, cricket and squash. He’s also in the cadets, where he gets chance to practice his shooting skills.

Billy’s favourite place on the farm is on top of the dog kennel as he says he can see the whole farm from there – so it’s a useful place to go if he’s looking for someone!


George acts as onsite computer expert as well as helping out with general jobs around the farm.

When he’s wild camping, George likes cooking on the fire and his favourite farm event is Bonfire Night.

George really enjoys the farm’s food. He’s a whizz in the kitchen and makes fresh pasta with eggs from the resident hens.

When he’s not cooking, eating or helping out on the farm, George enjoys playing computer games and reading. He’s also a member of the cadets and likes shooting and archery.

His favourite animal is Greedy the cow. He says she’s the nicest.