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Christmas Farm Meat Boxes

Our June meat boxes are now available for pre-order!
Take a look at the list below for this month's choices.

Depending on your location within our delivery area, we will be delivering on the 4th (Longframlington & Rothbury), 5th (Alnwick area and Berwick) and 6th June (Newcastle and north Tyneside). Please enquire if you aren’t sure which round includes your address!

If you are outside our delivery area, you can order boxes for collection from our pop-up shop on our meat sale day, Saturday 1st June, between 11.00am and 3.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate collections on other days at present.

Product Description

This month you can choose from:

Christmas farm meat box £59.50
Our most popular option – 4 kg selection of mixed cuts of our amazing meat
For example, 3 x mince, 2 x stew, 1 x roasting joint, a quick cook, such as bacon or sausage or meatballs – all fresh cut and vac-packed suitable for the home freezing. Will fit in a large freezer drawer.

Beef box £75
1 kg roasting joint
3 x 400g approx. beef mince
2 x 400g approx. beef stew
1kg Shin or rib on the bone
2 x steaks

Ultimate keto box £110
2 x beef bone packs
8 x steaks
1kg Shin or rib on the bone
1 large beef roasting joint
3 x 400g approx. beef mince

Family monthly meat box £95
3 x sausage gf
3 x bacon
3 x stew/diced
2 x 1kg roasting joint
4 x 400g approx. mince

Mid week suppers box £65
5 x 400g approx. mince
1 x polpettone
1 x sausage
1 x burgers
2 x stew

Sausage & Bacon Box £50
2.5kg pork sausages
500g dry cured Back Bacon

If you would like to order a box for delivery, please contact Lara on before midnight on Saturday 1st June. Unless you already have a subscription set up with us, payment is on invoice by BACS transfer.

Box orders for collection must be received before midnight on Sunday 26th May. Payment is on invoice or in the shop at the time of collection.

Please note that the contents of the boxes cannot be tailored.

If a whole box seems a little daunting or you would prefer to pick your own cuts – or perhaps want to add to your box order! – why not come along to our pop-up shop meat sale on Saturday, 1st June? We will be open between 11.00am and 3.30pm. There will be plenty of fresh and frozen farm meat to choose from! Coffee, tea and cake will also be available, as well as hot food and cold drinks.