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Box Scheme

Christmas Farm is home to an award winning Organic Box Scheme delivery service across Northumberland and the North East.

We grow seasonal organic veg & fruit, slow grown for flavour & delivered fresh from the farm and rear our own grass fed 100% organic meat, all of which can delivered directly to your door.

We believe organic farming is the best way to sustain a small mixed family farm.

We don’t have one harvest a year, because the farm produces quality organic food all year round.

We pack this into boxes to deliver direct to our customers. We also deliver for free – and collect your packaging to reuse. There is no need to be home!

There are many benefits to coming on board as an organic box scheme customer… will be:

– Supporting a local farm

– Making a positive impact on the world

– Positive health benefits

– Supporting an agricultural system that avoids synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

– Promotes a more biodiverse ecosystem, with attention to the health of our water, soil, air, wildlife, and the climate.

– cutting down on packaging

By getting involved and becoming a Christmas Farm customer, you support the farm throughout the seasons. Getting a regular box works best for the farm’s management, sustainable planning and organic production.

We have been delivering our organic produce direct to our customers since 2005. A lot of our customers have been having a regular delivery all of that time.

There are regular opportunities for box scheme customers to come to the farm and see how there food is grown. Please see our events page. We love to see our box scheme customers.

If you’d like to become a Box Scheme Customer, please don’t hesitate to order through the Shop page on our website or contact us directly if you have any questions at all.