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Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden is where we grow a lot of the produce that goes into our boxes. It changes from year to year and with the seasons. Carrots, potatoes, onions, squashes and greens are a staple, and in the poly tunnels things like courgettes, tomatoes and cucumbers.


For our box schemers, it’s a bit like having an allotment without having to do the heavy digging and weeding. You get a variety of local, seasonal, organic vegetables which are going to taste great because you’re eating them at their best – fresh picked and delivered to your door.

The herb garden

The herb garden

They might have a bit of soil on them, and they might not always be the perfect shape and size, but they’re going to be fresh and tasty. And because they’re organic, there’s no chemical residue on the skins. So, a quick scrub and you can eat the lot, no peeling necessary.

Because it’s local and seasonal, that does sometimes mean you get something that’s unfamiliar, that you haven’t used before, or we get a glut of something and you see it in your box for a few weeks. We’re always around to offer advice on what to do with something, or even to tell you what it is.



We put recipes and suggestions in our Newsletter and within Beth’s Blog. And there are more recipes here on our website. Our customers can contact us on Facebook, Twitter or by email to ask questions or get ideas. Beth has loads of recipes and ideas for making the best use of your box. We like our customers to share their favourite recipes too, and it’s great when you share photos of what you’ve made and eaten on our Facebook page.