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Greens picked from the garden

Organic Summer Salad and Greens Veg Box


A big box of organic greens and salad fresh picked from our farm.

Product Description

Our organic summer salad and greens veg box is the perfect box for those who are looking for a large quantity of fresh, local and organically produced greens and salad veggies. The box will contain 10 varieties of leaf and salad veg  fresh from our farm and is available only in the summer months. Great for juice cleanse diets, or just those who tend to prepare lighter, salad based meals in the summer time.

For example the box could contain the following :-

  • Chard or Spinach
  • Kale or young beets with tops
  • Salad bag
  • Courgettes or Beans
  • Lettuce
  • Salad bag
  • Tomatoes
  • Herbs such as parsley, coriander or basil
  • Cucumber or Fennel
  • Spring or Bunching onions