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Contract services


We offer a full range of small domestic, equestrian and agricultural contract services.

Product Description

As a small farm we have a lot of specialised small equipment and skills that are not used 100% of the time so we also undertake contract work during suitable times.

Previous work completed includes the following..

  • Exavation and earth moving work
  • Drainage, ponds, foundations, septic and grey water tank installation, soak away creation
  • Pipe laying, service trenching
  • Tracks, yards, drives, hard standing areas
  • Concrete laying
  • Landscaping,vegetable and raised bed creation, rotovating and rolling
  • Polytunnel construction
  • Fencing, using post and rail or close board timber, steel estate railings and fencing or wire and net stock fence. Complete fence or hire as operator with 3t excavator mounted or 4wd compact tractor mounted post driver
  • Hedge and limb cutting/removal using slanetrac HS55 saw head and 3t 360 excavator. Cuts material upto 150mm. Hedgecutter flail and 3t excavator.
  • Loading and unloading using 4wd compact loader – handling of off road timber, bales, pallets, pizza oven installation, field shelter siting or moving
  • Small scale low impact timber extraction
  • Demolition and site clearance
  • Muck pile turning, moving, spreading using small, low ground pressure spreader
  • Livestock handling areas Stables, field shelter, steel or timber framed agricultural building custom built and erected
  • Steel fabrication, mobile welding, custom gates, wrought iron work, garden furniture, gate pins, hurdle eye kits, estate railings and fencing. Custom structural steelwork, security grills for windows, doors, stables etc. Ground anchors. Custom trailers fabricated.
  • Paddock topping, grass land mole ploughing, aerating, harrowing, overseeding
  • 50hp 4wd Compact tractor and tipper trailer hire with operator
  • 3t Excavator hire with operator
  • 8″ wood chipper with operator
  • Timber milling – turn your tree into dimensioned timber, mantle pieces, boards, posts, garden furniture, lintels, carving blanks etc.
  • Compact, quiet, modern equipment that makes less mess and can access small areas.

References for previous work can be given.

Pricing varies depending on staff and machinery used, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Price of product is for one hour of labour @£25/hr with standard machine without attachments or for standard welding and mild steel fabrication work and is plus vat. Minimum £150/job charge if required on site. 1 Hour minimum charge if work done at Christmas Farm.