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Basic Ratatouille

In January I think that I’ll never see another summer vegetable but then the warmer weather arrives and here we are at last with courgettes, salads, tomatoes and lots more, ripening and growing in the tunnel and outside in the garden.
This is my quick ratatouille recipe which is really a base for so many dishes and can be fancied up to be a meal in itself.

  1. I simply heat the oil, stir in all the other ingredients and leave to simmer until the vegetables are tender.
  2. Allow the ratatouille to cool and store it in a tub in the fridge.
Recipe Notes

This basic recipe can be used as a toast topper for a quick supper.
However, it's very easy to bulk it up into a substantial meal. For example, add a tin of tomatoes, some cooked sausages or diced up leftover roast to make a stew.
Other summer veg can be added too. For a classic ratatouille you can add aubergines, peppers and garlic at the start.
A great dish!
Serve with salad, poached eggs, cold meat, crusty bread, baked potatoes. I’m sure you have lots of ideas too!
Ratatouille freezes really well so a good one to have in reserve.

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