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Who said it was quiet in the country side..!!

I’m sitting in the studio writing this. It’s the only quiet place on the farm at the moment. Quite literally everything is going on.

Sheds are being mucked out, chickens are cackling, lambs and calves blaring, pigs grunting, the wind is cold and whistly, forks, spades and rakes are ridging up earth and I swear I can hear the grass growing.

Who said it was quiet in the country side…!!

Cooking and eating is even loud and noisy. Crunchy vibrant green salads, bright egg yolks and rich dark meats.

First early potatoes are in the ground and planting them just makes you want a big pan of freshly dug new potatoes smothered in butter but it a bit off yet. We must make the most of the end of the season of main crop pots that have been sustaining us through out the winter. It’s that time of year when we are pinched between stored staples coming to an end and new season crops aren’t quiet fulfilling their potential. Although these stored main crop are perfect for baked spuds, wedges and roasties….you can’t beat a big pile of new potatoes with lashings of butter! 

We are lucky to grow a lot of winter/spring greens and herbs here so that fresh leafy craving can be satisfied.

Joe and Becs and the rest of the team are working so hard to sow and keep veg crops going to keep the boxes interesting over this “hunger gap”.

On bright sunny, blue sky days it all seems possible but on April days when you get every kind of weather it’s an up hill battle against the elements. To cheer the house up I’ve picked some bright daffodils and fresh greenery to brighten the place up. The house does feel a little like a dormitory at this time of year. Packing as much into day light hours and coming in to eat and go to bed. It’s super important to be organised with a bit of meal prep and some tasty meals.

Menu ideas for this week.

Rosti potatoes with salad and steaks ( we’re having venison steaks for supper on Friday). Put a little grated carrot and onion in the rosti mixture too.
Left over rosti is great for breakfast.

I’m making a meat loaf and a quiche and banana muffins at the same time to make best use of the oven being on and all of these can be eaten cold or warm

Meat loaf with carrot and apple salad and wedges

Herb Quiche made with lots of left over veg and served with greens

Mushroom stroganoff with rice, don’t forget to sprinkle with fresh herbs to serve. It make all the difference and looks so tasty.

Banana split or banana muffins or both if your lucky.

Take care, thanks…

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