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little by little…..

I always think I’ve got more time.

Why is it?, the days are getting longer but I’m still running out of time to do everything I want to do in the day. I’m on a mission to get more organised because if I’ve made or at least prepped the evening meal in the morning I have more time in the day. If I get up just 10 minutes earlier I seem to have lots more done in the morning and not at such a mad pace. But my final hurdle to climb is making sure I tidy up before I go to bed.

So this week I’ve been more determined to be organised and little by little I’m getting on top of my jobs.

It’s all go farm wise too at this time of year. Every sort of vegetable you can imagine is either being sown or popping up from it’s seed bed. We’re harvesting, planting and weeding. Lambing is over and there’s only one cow left to calve. It’s a fabulous time of year.

With stored vegetable still in the boxes it a time to make fresh tasty meals with the roots that have seen us through the winter but must keep us going until the spring and summer crops are properly established. The fresh chives really help to freshen and dress up dishes beautifully.
Try my beetroot wellington recipe that’s on the website or have a go at a beetroot and orange salad. A lovely fresh flavour served with cold meat or cheese.

Menu ideas for this week

Potato cakes with greens and salad
Sprouting broccoli with hollandaise and poached eggs
Sausage casserole with crusty bread. You can eat it outside even if it’s a little chilly if it’s piping hot in the bowl.
Carrot slaw and beetroot wellington
Cream of onion soup
Apple fritters

Bye for now..

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