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I’m eating outside, what are you doing?

At last the weather feels like it might be picking up. Today the cold wind has abated and the sun is shining…..

Our fingers are crossed for grass growth racing ahead for the cows and sheep and heat in the ground for the veggies. This sunshine should ripen the soft fruit too. So we’re all full steam ahead for our open day in July.

We hope you can make it. It will be lovely to fire up the pizza oven and see you all.

So with this weeks box I’m planning on eating every meal outside and I can’t wait!

Menu ideas

Quick spicy beef mince with potato salad or tacos or Mediterranean buckwheat salad, using the cucumber and lots of fresh herbs….

Lamb curry in deep bowls to take outside hot and spicy. Serve with the fresh green salad and a small portion of rice.

Potato salad with finely chopped herbs and olive oil instead of mayonnaise, serve with the spicy mince or half soft boiled eggs, anchovies, and a carrot and onion salad with garlic mayo.

Onion tarte tatin, serve with salad leaves and feta.

Focaccia with cherry tomatoes nesting in the top and fresh herbs mixed in the dough, perfect for lunch time sandwiches or with supper outside.

For the green salad I’m going to dress it with the herb oil I made from herbs from boxes a few weeks ago. The oil will be infused with the lovely flavours by now.

Boozy Banana splits around the fire pit.

Possibly a beer out there in the evening too.

Enjoy your week

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