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It’s National BBQ week next week….. we just need the sunshine !!

Hello everyone, I’ve had such a yearning for a big cooked breakfast this last couple of weeks. Well now it’s time to scratch that itch. I’m making a big loaf of fluffy white bread and with that I’m going to make a mountain of, crispy on the outside, eggy bread. Fried in pork fat and smothered in Worcester sauce.

It’s comfort food that you can eat at anytime of the day. So whether you have it for breakfast or as a supper dish it’s so satisfying and hearty. I hardly ever make it now the boys are away and I’m really looking forward to it this weekend. The rest of my meal options will be just as tasty and satisfying but way more healthy I promise….!

It’s been a mixed week weather wise and we are bashing through the jobs but the list doesn’t seem to get any shorter. The plans to lay more concrete for the road have been put on hold because it has rained on and off most days with the sun coming out and beautiful weather in between showers.

The sheds that had been mucked out look tidy and empty and that’s a real sign of the summer season. The electric fencing is going back up around the fields ready for the stock to be rotated around the farm on our mob grazing system. This operation is a lot of work to set up but we do get a lot more grass growth and healthier soil because of it and Lee likes to see and chat to his cows everyday as he moves them around.

It’s plant, plant, plant on the veggies front and there has been a lot of moans and groans when we get up after coffee time with stiff muscles from all the hand planting. People pay money at the gym for this sort of workout.

With lots of planting the weeding is getting behind so if anyone fancies a bit of labour intensive, back breaking but very rewarding voluntary work then look no further than Christmas farm. We have volunteers on a Friday and as much as it’s hard labour we have tea/coffee and cake as a reward.

Get in touch if you fancy it.We’re really heading into bbq season and we’ve added a BBQ box onto the website which will be perfect to have in your freezer ready but I ‘m thinking of keeping the box contents easy to use and flexible enough to either bbq outside, grill of use in other easy ways for the summer.  You can order on the website or do please contact Lara directly. This weeks menu ideas; Eggy bread breakfast serve with newspaper’s and coffeeBurgers with saladBaked potatoes with hummus and fresh carrot salad ( grated carrot chives with lemon juice and a Dijon vinaigrette dressing )Goulash or Chilli with gram flour flat breadsApple and caramel galetteChocolate orange gateaux


Have a great everyone,


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