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Easy Puff Pastry

Autumn and the start of winter is a beautiful time of year here in Northumberland.
Cold, clear, crisp mornings with short days and vivid sunsets. It’s still possible to head out on a walk or go for a picnic even if it’s just to the bottom of the garden.
A winter picnic, for me, must have at least three things…a big flask of tea (not coffee because that, to my mind, is for summer picnics of boiled eggs and sandwiches and steamy flasks of coffee. No, it must be tea!) and a piece of fruit cake…but first, a pastry or big homemade sausage roll!
So with that in mind, here’s my easy rough puff pastry recipe. It freezes well and will make savoury or sweet pies and pastries.

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Lamb Kebab

At last I have perfected this lamb kebab recipe! Everything that is wrong with a kebab is made right with this garlicky, spicy, meaty treat.

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Courgette Loaf

Courgettes may not seem like the natural ingredient for a cake but they actually work really well and this recipe makes a fabulous, sweet, spiced loaf!

Experiment with the spices and added ingredients to find the perfect combination for you!

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I’m so grateful to my friend Lucy for teaching me to make mayonnaise so many years ago. Every time I make it I think of her and being able to make your own seems so much more useful these days. It’s the perfect addition to pasta salads, sandwiches, dips……….or just as a huge dollop on the side of the plate with your homemade potato wedges!

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Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshires are usually popular with the whole family and really complete a Sunday roast! This recipe has never failed me. Just make sure that the oil is really hot when you pour in the batter.

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Soda Bread

A quick and easy bread recipe made with minimal ingredients! Have a go - it’s easier than you think and takes very little time at all to make. If you're feeling adventurous, try making some variations to the basic recipe - see below for some ideas!
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Lamb Curry

This tasty lamb curry is simple to make and you can leave it simmering away in the slow cooker (just make sure it doesn't dry out!). I often make this the day before and add a bag of spinach leaves as I heat it up. Serve with rice or flat breads.
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