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For the love of Veg and are you doing the “No Mow May” challenge?

Hello everyone, you will possibly know how much I enjoy cutting my lawns, sad I know but I find it so therapeutic to cut the grass, trim the edges and make the gardens look tidy.

This year I have left the orchard and I have found it very difficult to just leave the grass to free wheel and “run out of control”, but I’m now enjoying the look of it.

I’m going to leave a lot of the long grass after we’ve done the “no mow May” challenge and just cut the paths through the orchard to get to and from the gardens and tunnels.

We can see what grows and think about slotting in some wild flowers. The hedges are beautiful at the moment too, all pretty blossom and bright greens. We’re very lucky to have lots and lots of hedges and wild corners here which we have worked hard over the years to put in, planting new hedges and restoring old ones with double fencing to making wild life corridors over the farm. This time of year the whole place is buzzing with birds, bugs and beasties which the warmer weather brings.

So now it’s warmer it really is time to move meals out to the garden. So cook indoors and take your plate outside to enjoy the evening with a little fire pit or a blanket.

My menu ideas this week.

Spinach and garlic tearing bread serve with carrot, ginger and lovage soup

Mini cottage pies (great for the freezer but lovely to eat outside by a fire)

Frittata with green salad

Pot roast with herby garlicky veg mash

Tidy up savoury rice.
This can be everything and anything, shredded carrot, onion, leaves, garlic, left over shredded meat chilli etc. I like to add a little curry powder to the oil as I fry off the veg before finally adding the cooked rice which is best cooked in some veg stock.

Fruit salad or smoothies

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