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Extra items

** Organic products for delivery with your veg or meat box **

We now offer a range of extra items, chosen to complement your Christmas Farm box and allowing you to create entirely organic meals and treats!

As always, all products we sell are fully certified 100% organic.

Please note that items from this list may only be ordered as an add-on to a box delivery.

Please email your order to Lara at by Saturday evening, for delivery with your usual box, the following week. Invoices are sent out on the Monday of the week of delivery for payment by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

The items on the extras list and many more, including organic meat, drinks, local crafts and other goodies, are also available from our pop-up shop, now open at the farm, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 4pm!

Supplier / Product Organic
Pack Size Origin Price
Acorn Dairy Butter Slightly Salted
SA 250g UK  £ 3.25
Lye Cross Farm Mature Cheddar SA 245g UK  £ 3.75
Eggs SA 1/2 doz UK  £ 2.75
Pimhill Farm Porridge Oats SA 850g UK  £ 2.99
Pimhill Farm Jumbo Oats SA 850g UK  £ 2.99
Pimhill Farm Muesli SA 850g UK  £ 4.70
Strong White Flour SA 1.5kg UK  £ 3.75
Wholemeal Flour SA 1.5kg UK  £ 3.75
Wheat Durum Fusilli/Penne Ccpb 500g Italy  £ 2.70
Wheat Durum Spaghetti Ccpb 500g Italy  £ 2.25
Baked Beans Ccpb 400g Various  £ 1.59
Black Beans Ccpb 400g Italy  £ 2.10
Borlotti Beans Ccpb 400g Italy  £ 2.30
Cannellini Beans Ccpb 400g Italy  £ 2.10
Chickpeas Ccpb 400g Italy  £ 2.10
Five-Bean Mix Ccpb 400g Italy  £ 2.10
Kidney Beans Red Ccpb 400g Italy  £ 2.35
Tomatoes Chopped Ccpb 400g Italy  £ 1.75
Extra basic veg bag: potatoes carrots onions 2.5kg UK  £ 4.95
Extra potatoes bag (per kg) 1kg UK  £ 1.50
Extra salad and greens bag 2 portions UK  £ 4.95
Extra fruit box 4 varieties 2.5 – 4kg UK/Var  £ 9.95
Extra apples bag 1kg approx Var  Varies: please enquire
Biona Orange Juice 750ml  £ 6.40