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Beth’s Beetroot Wellington

Our Pop-up Shop customers have been raving about Beth’s Beetroot Wellington which she often makes for customers to purchase in the pop-up shop,
so we wanted to share the recipe and see what you think?
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Squash sage lasagne

This is real comfort food. Perfect for a rainy autumn day. It’s warming and satisfying but freezes well so you can pull it out of the freezer to make a no fuss family supper. Serves four but, with the addition of a salad and some garlic bread, would serve six.

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Lamb Kebab

At last I have perfected this lamb kebab recipe! Everything that is wrong with a kebab is made right with this garlicky, spicy, meaty treat.

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Country Cottage Pie

This is my adaptation of cottage pie – a true one pot family meal. You can swap a lot of the ingredients depending on what you have available, or what you enjoy eating.

If I’m feeding more than our usual hungry four, I add a couple of handfuls of lentils (pre-cooked and tender) but you could double up the meat if you like.

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Basic Ratatouille

In January I think that I’ll never see another summer vegetable but then the warmer weather arrives and here we are at last with courgettes, salads, tomatoes and lots more, ripening and growing in the tunnel and outside in the garden.
This is my quick ratatouille recipe which is really a base for so many dishes and can be fancied up to be a meal in itself.

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Borsch soup has been a staple menu item on the tables of Eastern Europe for centuries and is made using a wide variety of different vegetables. The version made with beetroot, which originated in the Ukraine, is the one with which we are most familiar in Britain.

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Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshires are usually popular with the whole family and really complete a Sunday roast! This recipe has never failed me. Just make sure that the oil is really hot when you pour in the batter.

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